I'm a UX and Design professional with a strategic, problem-solving mindset. 

My team led the redesign of a Global Fortune 500's corporate website - Celebrating approval in London. 

website approval in london

A problem-solver and researcher at heart, I use my background in product design and user experience to lead teams in the development of large-scale redesigns and new product launches. Overseeing brand development, managing roadmaps, and crafting user-centered experiences is just a small part of what I bring to the table.

With an extensive background in the areas of staffing, recruitment, and professional work, I am passionate about creating experiences for the modern workforce. I have researched and designed job search websites, freelancer marketplaces, collaborative software for hiring teams, onboarding programs, and more.

I have extensive UX, product, marketing, and brand design experience, as well as experience leading, coaching, and growing teams. I have built and managed teams of designers who execute everything from global rebrands to UX overhauls to marketing campaigns. I have implemented user-centered design and design thinking methodologies to global teams, set up programs of user testing, feedback, and optimization, and led internal redesigns and optimization of countless websites.

My many years at The Adecco Group have given me the opportunity to work across a variety of companies, solving problems for many unique clients and user types. My current focus at YOSS is on freelancers, knowledge workers, and the agencies and companies who hire them. In my work, I facilitate the product experience from idea to launch, including discovery, user research, wireframes, UI and visual design, and prototyping, collaborating with development/engineering, marketing, and business teams.

DEAD BUGS band photo by Matthew Selvagn.


Outside of work, I keep busy writing garagey punk songs for my band, DEAD BUGS. I'm really into cooking clean, healthy foods, especially anything vegan + gluten-free. I always push for more sustainable choices.

If you'd like to know more, email me at selvagn@gmail.com

Dead Bugs band photo by Matthew Selvagn

Nearly 10 years of experience in:

Marketing and Graphic Design

Art direction


Identity systems

Print design

Content + copywriting

Marketing strategies

Campaign development

Design Management


Workshop facilitation

Design sprints

Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding

Teambuilding exercises


Project management

User Experience and Product Design

Design thinking + ideation


User research

Information architecture


UI + visual design 


Testing + CRO

Lacey Selvagn
UX and Design Manager