Passionate Design Leader looking for my next remote role | Helping founders and product leaders define and execute strategic design visions and grow high-performing teams 

My team led the redesign of a Global Fortune 500's corporate website - Celebrating approval in London. 

website approval in london
Lacey Selvagn

A problem-solver and researcher at heart, I am passionate about building and leading teams to launch modern, intuitive, user-centered experiences. I have built teams from the ground up for many large-scale redesigns and new product launches. I craft and rally teams around a shared product vision, product strategy, product design approach, design system, user and market research, and culture. 

With an extensive background in the areas of staffing, recruitment, and other professional platforms, I am passionate about creating experiences for the modern workforce. Most recently at Braintrust, I was the second hire after the VP of Product, and led the team through reimagining the Jobs Marketplace experience. I also was brought in to create the vision for their new Professional Network. Starting as an internal side project with the Founder and a team of 2, I crafted the product vision based on research and insights, and saw the product through to its public launch in June of 2023. This was my passion project—something I had always wanted to build myself, and finally got the chance with an amazing team. 

DEAD BUGS band photo by Matthew Selvagn.


Outside of work, I keep busy writing garagey punk songs for my band, DEAD BUGS. I'm really into cooking clean, healthy foods, especially anything vegan + gluten-free. I always push for more sustainable choices.

If you'd like to know more, email me at selvagn@gmail.com

Dead Bugs band photo by Matthew Selvagn

Experienced in:

Leading design

User experience design

Design systems

Wireframes and prototypes

Art direction

Branding and identity systems

Content and copywriting

Campaign development

Information architecture

Leading products

Market and user research

Product-market fit validation

Developing roadmaps

Requirements gathering


User stories

Sprint planning

Product design

Leading teams

Design thinking + ideation sessions

Recruitment and hiring


Workshop facilitation

Product strategy development

UX and design strategy development

Marketing strategy development

Forecasting and future planning

Strategic Product + Design Leadership
Lacey Selvagn