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I was working on the redesign of a website that has a login portal where users can search and apply for jobs, save jobs, create a profile, and more. I needed to design every single interaction that a user could take within the portal, and document the user flows for IT, who was building the experience.

Prototyping user stories and UX/UI for a login portal

A few screens from the documentation for IT


Focusing only on the candidate portal experience, I started by documenting every interaction that a user may need to take. This included signing in, signing out, applying for a job while signed in, applying for a job while not signed in, applying for a job for the first time, saving a job for the first time, saving a job for the second time, etc. 

I also mapped out every possible flow or journey that a user could take, to ensure nothing was left out. After approval, all of these interactions and screens were then designed in Figma, prototyped in InVision, and documented in a PDF of user flows which was handed off to IT. 

A few screens from the process


In an ideal world, this would have been a much more collaborative, iterative and agile design process. Working in a silo left a lot of questions from IT during bulid. As I was also off the project at that time, many interactions were not developed as planned. 

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Lacey Selvagn