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Cover of State of Design Report

When you're in a design leadership position, especially a newer one, it's important to take a step back and look at design across the org. My report takes a look at design maturity models, skills taxonomy, design ops, and design orgs, and defines our design vision, team culture and principles. The audit includes recommendations and insights on future org design, design processes, use of theme-based roadmaps, and scaling design. It ends with a look at remote work and a successful proposal for taking the design team fully remote. 

Strategic Design Leadership: A look at my internal State of Design report

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Experienced in:

Leading design

User experience design

Design systems

Wireframes and prototypes

Art direction

Branding and identity systems

Content and copywriting

Campaign development

Information architecture

Leading products

Market and user research

Product-market fit validation

Developing roadmaps

Requirements gathering


User stories

Sprint planning

Product design

Leading teams

Design thinking + ideation sessions

Recruitment and hiring


Workshop facilitation

Product strategy development

UX and design strategy development

Marketing strategy development

Forecasting and future planning

Strategic Product + Design Leadership
Lacey Selvagn