In February 2019, I joined a new team on a startup within the Adecco Group, a global Staffing and Workforce Solutions company I had worked for from 2011 to 2018. When I joined, YOSS didn't have a strong path forward within the Adecco Group's target audience of mostly Enterprise companies. I evaluated the platform, researched and analyzed the market, spoke to some of Adecco's largest customers, and determined a new path forward for YOSS. Then I worked with my team to execute on the new plan, redesign the current product, launch our talent management platform, and more.

Transforming YOSS into a talent management platform fit for the future of work

Phase 1

When I first joined YOSS, the product was live in France and had recently been duplicated and translated into English before going live in the US. Naturally, this left a number of usability, UX, and other product issues. I spent the first couple months learning and researching our target audience as well as the market in general, as there was not only a desire to improve the overall design and user experience, but a desire to shift the product in a new direction that was fit for the future of work.

I led our:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Market research
  • Persona development
  • Product-market fit analysis
  • Product ideation and testing
  • Product audit on US and FR platforms

Phase 2

After documenting the UX and usability issues with the current product in US and France and deciding on several viable product solutions that would provide a desirable product-market fit, I began to validate these ideas. This included comprehensive research with several Enterprise companies and teams at recruitment agencies, as well as freelancers and flexible workers. I developed sample products of our strongest ideas in order to test, gather feedback, and validate. 

I led our:

  • User research
  • User flows
  • Wireframes
  • Product design
  • User testing
  • Team workflows
  • Team collaboration, including Figma, Miro, Trello and more

Phase 3

To determine which direction to take the product, there were many factors at play, most of which I can't disclose here. After deciding on the core product idea to go forward with, a talent management system for the contingent workforce, we needed to build out the team and resources and bring this product to life, while also redesigning and fixing the issues with the current platform.

I led our:

  • Product roadmap and strategy
  • Building out a team, including Team Playbook
  • Sprint planning
  • Developing a new design system
  • Redesigning the current product
  • Designing new Talent Pools product

Phase 4

At this point, we were over the initial bumps in getting the work started. Around this time, I began to plan for 2020. I developed a report on the State of Design within YOSS, which included a proposal to move remote and build a flexible, remote team. This proposal was approved, and as a result, our CEO also decided to move Marketing under my leadership as well, so I set forth leading several workshops on marketing strategy.

I led our:

  • Continued research and testing
  • Product backlog delivery
  • Iterative design sprints
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Sales enablement strategy development
  • Go-to-market strategy development

Phase 5

Towards the end of 2019, I led the team in developing themes for our 2020 product roadmap, which we fully developed and began to deliver on during this time. I worked with my Senior designer to build out a meaningful brand identity, and launched the new look along with a scrappy marketing website that I built myself in HubSpot, while we worked on designing out our longer-term marketing strategy. I continued to run product and user research and testing, ensuring our product efforts were closely aligned with user's needs and the goals from the business.

I led our:

  • Launching the new product
  • Brand identity redesign and launch
  • Designing and building new marketing website pages
  • New theme-based product roadmap
  • Continued market research and user testing

In conclusion

In the end, the Adecco Group ended up bringing the YOSS product back in-house, although I can't discuss the details here on my website. I took a position as Director of Design with this global product team and began working on a new platform. 

Experienced in:

Leading design

User experience design

Design systems

Wireframes and prototypes

Art direction

Branding and identity systems

Content and copywriting

Campaign development

Information architecture

Leading products

Market and user research

Product-market fit validation

Developing roadmaps

Requirements gathering


User stories

Sprint planning

Product design

Leading teams

Design thinking + ideation sessions

Recruitment and hiring


Workshop facilitation

Product strategy development

UX and design strategy development

Marketing strategy development

Forecasting and future planning

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Strategic Product + Design Leadership
Lacey Selvagn