This case study focuses more on the visual and brand experience aspects of my YOSS portfolio of work. To read about my role in the product and design strategy, read Transforming YOSS into a talent management platform fit for the future of work . I'm not able to share everything we've accomplished, but this showcases a brand identity design that builds out a meaningful brand story and a strong system of flexible elements. More info available by request.

The YOSS brand identity development

The brand identity re/design. 

YOSS started as a brand with hardly more than a logo, a color palette, and a font. Working with my talented UX/UI designer, Bo Kim, we set out to develop a strong brand identity system for YOSS. I led several brand workshops with our CEO and created our brand story, values, and creative platform, 'Flexible Connections'. We decided to keep the logo and the overall color direction, so that the new brand identity would be a strengthening of the YOSS brand, rather than a complete redesign.

 I developed the brand promise, brand values, brand voice, and creative platform, then wrote the copy for our guidelines and creative assets, whose final design was done by Bo. See below for the full brand boards, followed by a snapshot of the YOSS brand before our efforts.

Marketing site after

Marketing site before

Experienced in:

Leading design

User experience design

Design systems

Wireframes and prototypes

Art direction

Branding and identity systems

Content and copywriting

Campaign development

Information architecture

Leading products

Market and user research

Product-market fit validation

Developing roadmaps

Requirements gathering


User stories

Sprint planning

Product design

Leading teams

Design thinking + ideation sessions

Recruitment and hiring


Workshop facilitation

Product strategy development

UX and design strategy development

Marketing strategy development

Forecasting and future planning

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Strategic Product + Design Leadership
Lacey Selvagn